Specializes in helping Individuals break free of 

the aftermath of their parents’ divorce.  

You do not need to walk on egg shells.
You do not need to take sides.
You do not need to feel guilt.

Are you ready to hand your parents’ back their divorce?

Are you ready to live free of the aftermath of their divorce?

I can teach you how to break free and live your life without the waves of your parents’ divorce crashing into you.
You can be free. You can celebrate all the milestones in your life without a thought to your parents’ divorce.
You can be a true survivor and thrive.  

Meet Martha

Martha Davis Alexander, JD, Mediator, CFLC

Hi, My name is Martha. I spent 50 years figuring out how to leave my parents’ divorce to my parents and not carry around the guilt, anger, and trepidation that remained from their divorce. Now, I help individuals of divorced parents of all ages break free of the emotional remnants and constraints of their parents’ divorce.  

I have dedicated my life to “fixing” divorce. I went to law school and spent decades practicing family law in an effort to stop the emotional backlash from the divorce crash into the kids. I know that kids of divorced parents can have all the joy and support of a family, without the divorce fallout. I know that individuals of divorced parents can celebrate holidays, birthdays, and all of their life achievements without a thought to their parents’ divorce.  I know this is possible, because I have done it!


This is the most supportive environment I have found to make me fearless and I can only say thank you for to the course creator for being so selfless in her fear to set us all free.
Reenal T., UK
Martha is a life coach that truly cuts to the heart of the issue! She uses her powerful intuition, coupled with expert training, to help people gain awareness and make changes in their life.
Maria D., Illinois
Martha is a healer and life coach that I swear was flown in from my angels themselves. Thank you, Martha for the light that you have brought to my life!
Hillary H., Kentucky