I found my own voice after 50 years of listening to the voices of my parents’ divorce. I was at a breaking point. I had a fabulous life and yet I would have to say that there are huge chunks of time that I was not really happy. The ripples from my parents divorce permeated my life in insidious ways some of which I did not even realize. I was still battling depression and holiday angst even though everything was good. I still had anxiety when traveling to see my Dad or visiting my Mom. I still felt anxiety at family celebrations. WTF. I mean it had been 50 years!

It was after my Mom died that I really became aware that I was having knee jerk reactions to things and I did not really understanding why. Our kids were teenagers and they gave me ample opportunity to discover new ways of handling situations. And while I tried – some of my reactions were based deep down and I needed to dig and change. I battled constantly with a voice that kept whispering that suicide was the answer. 

I learned about Fearless Living Institute in August 2019.  As I started some of the basic training I was astonished. It felt like this was the manual to my life. I learned about myself and my process. I learned about my responses and how to change. I learned tools to overcome obstacles. I learned that the voices of my parents’ divorce were not mine. I do not have to live by those rules and fears anymore. Now the only voice I hear is my own. And it is strong, sure and happy. The voices from my parents’ divorce have faded to whispers if at all.  And while I occasionally get surprised by a divorce remnant, I am free from those emotional chains. I want to help you break free too!