Why Work with Me?

You are here because you are exhausted and done jumping through the hoops of your parents’ divorce. You have spent your life walking on egg shells, watching everything you say, trying to avoid taking sides, mentally preparing for holidays and celebrations. Your struggle is real. Listen to that inner voice saying this could be so much better.  You can choose to be free of the aftermath of your parents’ divorce.

My coaching style is supportive, intuitive, creative and strategic.  I will encourage you to get uncomfortable by asking the deep, hard questions.  I will celebrate with you when you realize the answers.  I will not hold back from holding you accountable – and calling your bluff when that inner voice tries to block your growth.  Know that I will be there to support you with love, humor and patience.  I am unique in my coaching – I have chosen to help people in divorce my entire adult life – first as a divorce attorney and now as a Fearless Living Coach.  I know the impact a bad divorce has on a family for generations.  I will teach you how to break free and live your life without the waves of your parents’ divorce crashing into you.  You can be free of the restraints and emotions of your parents’ divorce.

Through the Looking Glass

If you PREFER TO WORK ONE ON ONE - the 90 day “THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS” Program is for you

Tea Party

If you prefer the synergy of a group experience - The 90 Day “TEA PARTY” package is for you!

Discovery Session

This is an up to 60 minute complimentary call with me so we can get to know each other a bit and discover if my program is a good fit for your situation. I work with a select group of clients who are ready to let go of the emotional baggage of their parents' divorce. When you schedule your discovery session, I will send you a brief questionnaire to return to me 24 hours in advance of your appointment. I look forward to meeting you!