Hillary H., Kentucky

Martha is my life coach and constant cheerleader. I look forward to our conversations every week because she is one of these rare people that are authentic and real with me on everything, and constantly keeps me laughing and simultaneously crying sometimes (it’s a loving balance.) Since the moment we first came in contact, she has helped me understand where I was being fearful in pursuing my goals and dreams. Martha helped me realize the only person holding me back from them was myself. She has helped me productively self-reflect and gain vast amounts of independence and confidence in the six months that we have worked together:   from being a guide to pushing me outside of my comfort zone, to helping me assess and realize self-limiting language that was subconsciously holding me back, to helping me embody the greatest version of myself and becoming FEARLESS. Since working with her, I have pursued my dreams of teaching yoga and meditation to the public (which I was absolutely terrified to do months ago). I have also gained greater insight and clarity on how to obtain and work towards my goals in a sustainable way that serves myself and the community. She is a healer and life coach that I swear was flown in from my angels themselves. Thank you, Martha for the light that you have brought to my life! I am infinitely grateful for the fearlessness you have helped me realize was always within myself!